Please Review our Studio Policies

Please familiarize yourself with our studio and class pass policies before attending our studio.

If you have questions about our policies, please email our Office Team at, but be mindful that our Office Team will not respond to emails asking to bend policies.



We will always follow the latest safety and health guidelines from the CDC, state, and local governments, but as a rule we encourage you to wear a mask to class though it is not required, and bring your own equipment (microfiber towel for the pole, water bottle, yoga mat, blocks, and strap for flex class) if you do not wish to share.

If you have any symptoms of any contagious illness, please stay home and cancel your reservation. If you have been traveling, please quarantine and consider getting a COVID-19 test before returning back to class for the safety of our community.

Membership students please contact us via email as soon as you receive a positive COVID-19 test, injury, or illness, and we will freeze your membership. We cannot back-freeze passes so please contact us ASAP to save your credits.

Students with Class Passes that become injured or ill and are no longer able to attend class for a period of longer than one week, should contact us via email ASAP so we can extend your Class Pass expiration date while you heal, rest, and recouperate. 

We cannot extend Class Passes or freeze Memberships due to vacations so please plan ahead when choosing which Pass is right for you and your upcoming schedule. All of our Class Passes expire 3 months after first use, or single passes expire 3 months after purchase, unless otherwise stated in the pass description. Membership passes last 30 days and you will be prompted via email to renew every 30 days until you cancel the membership via your Punchpass account.



If you need to cancel or move your class reservations, you must do so at least 4 hours before your scheduled class via your Punchpass account or you will lose your class credit.

Class Pass values cannot be transferred to other passes, and unused passes that have expired cannot be revived. Class passes cannot be transferred to others. If you purchase a ticketed session, the ticket is NOT a pass and cannot be canceled once purchased.

Please don't send messages to your teachers that you want to cancel or move your registration. If you know you will be late for class, or if you ever have issues with your Punchpass account, please email our Office Team at and they can assist.

Students who initiate disputes for charges from Pole in the Wall on their account will have their accounts frozen, due to the charges incurred from Stripe, so if you have any questions about charges made on your account, please email us first to discuss. Pole in the Wall will never automatically charge you, unless you are a membership student.

We do not offer refunds.

We reserve the right to cancel our 60min classes that have low enrollment (just 1 student enrolled). Please check your email for communications from Punchpass in spam or promotions folders, as they may land there until you mark the sender as safe.

60min Classes & Low Enrollment Class Cancelations: You will receive email notification at least 4 hours prior to class start time if you are the only student signed up for class to alert you of the class cancelation. You will also receive emails from Punchpass indicating your registration has been removed from the canceled class, so please check your email on file 4 hours prior to class start time for any updates. Morning classes may be canceled the night before if there is low enrollment.

90min Pole Labs and Rentals will never be canceled due to low enrollment. Rental sessions can run with just one person registered, and 90min Pole Labs with just one person registered will run as an unguided 60min Open Practice instead of the 90min session. The student enrolled in the 90min Pole Lab will be alerted via email at least 4 hours prior to session start time of the change.



We do not accept new walk-in students but if you are an existing student and you missed registration for a class, you may still attend class if there’s space and if you have an active pass in your account. It's always best to email us first, too so we can communicate your arrival to the instructor.

This applies to in-studio only — we will not be able to add online students to an online class after the 4 hour registration deadline has passed.



Students cannot bring friends or family members to class with them, unless they are also signed up for class.

People who are not signed up for class must wait outside the studio during class, and absolutely no one under the age of 18 is allowed in the studio per our insurance.



Please do not arrive earlier than 5mins your regularly scheduled session time — teachers are not obligated to let you into the studio until your class or rental start time. If you do arrive early, please wait patiently and do not knock on the door or disturb the session in progress if you hear your teacher inside.

We lock our doors in between class for safety, and our insurance does not allow people to be in the studio unless they are registered for class. Doors will open when the previous class is over and there is limited space to wait in the hallway.

Arriving late is unsafe for your body because you are missing important parts of the class, and it is disruptive to your teacher and students. Please only register for the classes you can arrive to on time. If you are less than 8mins late to class, please warm yourself up when you arrive so you do not injure yourself. If you arrive to class late and the door is locked, you will be marked as a "no show" for that class and will not be let into the session.

Teachers plan class around students who are registered for class and wait an appropriate amount of time for late students to arrive in case traffic or other issues arise. Students with regular passes who have registered for class but mark themselves as “late cancel” in Punchpass or do not arrive to class on time and are marked by their teacher as a “no show” will lose that pass credit. 

Membership students who are marked “late cancel” or “no show” to sessions they have registered for will be charged $15.00 per incident. Please only register for classes and sessions you can attend. 



Class Passes expire 3 months after purchase and multiple class passes expire within 3 months of first use unless otherwise noted.



Be kind and be respectful. Pole in the Wall has a zero tolerance policy against racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia and any unwanted touching.

We are constantly educating ourselves in ways we can make our classes, instructor team, and facility more accessible to our local pole and sex worker community, and we strive to keep our studio a safe space for all humans, especially our BIPOC and LGBTQ friends and family.



Our coaches are trauma-informed, mindful, offer pole training for all body types, and ask consent before spotting students. We encourage everyone to learn and grow at their own speed and feel supported along their pole journey.

Any time you are unsure of a move in class, ask your instructor for a spot or a tip, and always use a safety mat if you feel the need.  

Practice time is available to practice what you already know, and is not a time to teach your friends new tricks or to try tricks that require a spot. Our instructors are certified not only in their craft, but in CPR and First Aid, and learning from them during class or private lessons is the best way to teach your body the proper ways in and out of tricks to keep your body safe. You may be tempted to ask a friend in class to help, but remember they are also students in class so they may not have the correct answer for you.

If you ever see someone in class being unsafe, help them or call over an instructor to help. Safety is everyone’s priority. Teachers reserve the right to excuse a student from class at any point if they are presenting as a risk to themselves or other students. 



Be patient with yourself and try not to be frustrated if you have a “bad pole day.” Coming to the studio and trying your best still gives you the benefits, and it’s nice to also focus on cheering others on! We all come into class with our own unique bodies, different ranges of motion, etc. so try not to compare yourself to anyone else in class.

If you have to share a pole with someone in class, make sure you are both getting equal time on the pole, and try not to be the pole hog!

Be encouraging, have patience, and show compassion for yourself and other pole dancers.



Street shoes and roller-skates are not allowed in the studio. Please do not wear jewelry or accessories on your body that can scratch the poles or cause your personal injury.

Wipe down your poles and the floor where you danced with alcohol spray after you are done pole dancing. 

Wipe the silicone pole, safety mats, yoga mats, and mat squares with the safety mat spray after you are done pole dancing.

Please do not hijack our regularly scheduled sessions and classes for pole party purposes. If you and your group would like to celebrate an occasion through pole dance at Pole in the Wall, please email us at to schedule a Pole Party. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at Pole in the Wall, and those who disrespect this rule will be banned from the studio as per the safety requirements in our waiver.

Place used towels and knee pads in the Used Towel Bin located in the studio. Yoga blocks and other equipment does not need to be sanitized.

The XPole closest to the window is for LOW FLOW ONLY for safety reasons due to the low ceiling obstructions! You may use this pole for conditioning, climbing, dancing at the base and up to 2 climbs, but no dancing above 2 climbs due to the horizontal bars at that level.

No dynamic movements or tricks on the XStage Pole above halfway up the pole for safety. The XStage has its own base, and large movements may cause an unsafe reaction when the apparatus is set off balance.

Students who arrive to class intoxicated will not be allowed to participate, for safety and insurance reasons. 

Many of us experience higher sensitivity to smells than others, so we want to give everyone a heads up about the studio smells we try our best to control, and how we can work together to keep our small space comfortable and safe for everyone.

We want to remind students to also be mindful to not wear strong fragrances when you come into class and to use bathroom sprays at minimum. Body odors are natural and they happen to everyone, but being mindful of your hygiene before you come into class will help make sure everyone feels comfortable in our space.

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